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South Africa is a party to the UN Convention on Corruption and the UN Convention against Transnational Organized Crime and its three protocols. The mutual legal assistance treaty has been actively utilized by both countries. and South Africa also have a Letter of Agreement on Law Enforcement and Counter-Narcotics Assistance and a Customs Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement. Supply reduction Cannabis is the only illicit drug cultivated in South Africa.Regarding extraditions, 2011 has seen noticeable movement on recent U. extradition requests, although several old pending requests, which were affirmed in the 2009 South African Constitutional Court decision upholding the extradition treaty, are still languishing in the courts. Estimated annual production is over 4,500 metric tons.

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Slightly less than half of the drug-related arrests in South Africa in the 2010-2011 period took place in Western Cape.South Africa continued to battle with significant challenges involving drug trafficking, substance abuse, and drug related crime. Drug Control Accomplishments, Policies, and Trends 1.Institutional Development The SAPS and the CDA coordinate on a comprehensive anti-drug strategy referred to as the Mini-Drug Master Plan (MDMP) and report jointly to the cabinet on its implementation every year.Substance abuse is a major social problem in South Africa.It is a significant factor contributing to the overall crime rate, which is very high.Startling data emerged, including that 65 percent of people had a drug user in their home.

Poverty appears to be a key motivating factor in drug trafficking. A boy from Mamelodi reported that he could make R200 (US$25) for each drug “errand” to help earn income for his family.

South Africa increased its drug seizures and arrests at O. The SAPS expanded its presence at airports, had success in effecting clandestine laboratory busts, and utilized the asset forfeiture legislation to combat drug trafficking, drug production and drug culture in South Africa.

“Crime Line” is an anonymous tip-off service sponsored by South African media.

South Africa has 4,862 km of borders (shared with six countries), 10 international airports and eight sea-ports in addition to a well developed financial and communications system.

These factors contribute to South Africa’s unique status as an African nation with a developed-country physical infrastructure, but a developing country capacity in enforcement.

South Africa also manufactures significant quantities of ATS consisting of; methaqualone (Mandrax), methcathinone (Khat), and methamphetamine (tik).