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I had never had much respect for the men and women who made up the churches I'd been in, but now it became clear...Name: Laurence Lando Email: square Years_at_school: 1957 -Date: Time: It is with much regret that I have learnt of the passing of Mr David Baker. Whilst at school, David was a good friend to me, when I needed the presence of a 'father figure'. Name: Michael Schwartz Email: Years_at_school: 1965- 1972Date: Time: Pete - I note your comment that an obituary for Fred Bilson appeared in The Guardian. Name: Peter Ward Email: peter.Years_at_school: 1958 - 1963Date: Time: Interested in Ted Troll's comments.

Laughter, even the merest snigger, will not be permitted at meetings with perpetrators sent immediately into purgatory.Those wishing to join the SS must have been through the rigours of Simpson's Academy for Dull Folks in which youthful liveliness was systematically squeezed out, leaving dull, grumpy, sensible inmates mature ahead of their time.Such people will be expected to contribute regular items to the HCS guestbook of no more than two lines in length. I left a pair of PE plimsolls in the changing room during my last year at school (1967.)Has anyone seen them or know of their current whereabouts? Does anyone recall Fruity Ferguson who consumed navel oranges under the desk in Ubi Lane's Latin lesson? Is this the same Fruity who travelled to school on the 158 bus from South Harrow?In my private devotions, I’d been meditating on Paul’s words in Ephesians and they were striking home. They were the riches of patience, kindness, long-suffering, love, and on and on; riches in the people I took for granted each week.That’s where Paul prays that the Ephesians will know "what are the riches of the glory of [God’s] inheritance in the saints.” The saints are full of riches. God had put those riches in them through His Spirit.The juxtaposition of his towering size and manly presentation with his pathetic... Mary Lee and I get quite a bit of joy out of God's good earth and its lawns, bushes, trees, and gardens.

Mary Lee does the perennial gardens, I cut the grass, and we both work on the other stuff (fruit trees, roses, berries, vegetables, etc.) Here then are a few of our favorite things.

As to Esmond's notion of only sensible people enquiring into the Pavilion Fund mystery, this is a thoroughly silly idea.

Name: Chris Esmond Email: chrisesmond Years_at_school: 59-66Date: Time: Your last contribution, Pete, where you confess to having ignored "so sensible advice", is deeply disappointing and as a result I regret to inform you that you will no longer be considered to lead the investigation into the missing Pavilion Fund monies as such a responsibility demands an impeccably sensible person (especially where investigating himself is involved).

A friend of mine was commenting recently on my love for the church.

It put me in mind of when and where I learned that love.

It had formerly been a school building moved to HCS from a site in Alperton.