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Dating phoenician coins

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…and the secret that men will kill to protect. The skeptics' trickiest questions answered thoroughly. Runaway slaves trapped by a super army - then the army vanishes! Did an Egyptian army really pursue their prey onto the dry sea bed - then die under the collapsing waters?

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And where was that fabulous land of golden treasure called Ophir? The amazing story of the search and alleged discovery. The skeptics' hard questions are thoroughly investigated and answered. Will the only immediate survivors be people in underground cities, caves, and submarines? The explosive prophecies of Daniel and Revelation: The Vatican's plans for world domination… The hijack of America… The planned Israel holocaust… George Bush's startling pre-9/11 orders… Fire brought from the sky… The man with the number 666… When you can no longer buy or sell… The mark of the beast… Revelation's mysterious bottomless pit… Stunning geopolitical revelations. Who were the "sons of God" that intermarried with "the daughters of men"? So striving for this promise of life eternal, she spent millions and kept builders busy for 36 continuous years. 64 ways in which an earlier, forgotten science and technology was superior to our own. Are governments really covering up hard core evidence of "other world" visitors? Evidence that shows where the FIRST languages began. Where did Egypt's "instant" civilization come from? Fascinating, controversial..lost cities of Sodom and Gomorrah ( turned to ash by fire-balls from the sky); the remains of an Egyptian army (chariot parts, and skeletal parts of horses and men scattered over the seabed); evidence that Mount Sinai is NOT where tourists are taken; and a giant shipwreck in the mountains of Turkey (the Ark of Noah? The raining of fire and suphur utterly destroyed 5 cities and turned the lush (now Dead Sea) region into a desert.Learn of secret formulas that could revolutionise modern aviation, construction and medicine – advanced secrets we once knew and have forgotten. Was there a time when people could live for 600 years? What about crashed UFOs and alien bodies What are UFO - really? Did aliens really bring civilization to Planet Earth? They were destroyed so beyond recognition, that skeptics denied the cities ever existed.A 4,000-year-old scandal that affects our society today. What if everything in your life changed suddenly in 24 hours? Recent discoveries are now creating tremendous interest.Would you like to know why the most popular man in the world was executed? City walls, "streets", sphinxes, pyramid, temple, and structures turned to ash. My first hair-raising expedition into the unmapped headwaters of the Amazon jungle - where savages shrink human heads. And learn how a spiral takes shape when you place a golden ratio of numbers together. Did the Egyptians leave behind them some mysterious curse? ADVENTURE Did you know that dinosaurs were not slow, clumsy and stupid, but swift, graceful and intelligent?

Who were the mystery persons in Australia before the Aborigines? And the IDENTICAL design is found in the immense galaxies in outer spece! Within 6 years of the opening of Tuitankhamen's tomb, 13 of the people involved were dead.

This amazing report will pin you to the edge of your seat. Might the established teaching concerning dinosaurs and history, need a massive overhaul?

the action-packed, true, fascinating story of the settling down of our earth AFTER THE GREAT DISASTER of Noah, and its effect upon human history. Or did they understand how to harness the radioactive properties of uranium to kill by atomic rays? Read the long, thrilling Canadian Department of fisheries report of an encounter with a living dinosaur.

When the Turkish secret police started searching, I knew it was "curtains" if they found it. Ancient civilisations believed that a serpent - which represented the devil - took control of the world.

In this wild mountain region I was searching for some graves. They believed a virgin's baby would fight the serpent defeat him and bring peace, life and happiness to mankind. You can't afford to miss this gripping and controversial report… based on exciting archaeological discoveries and over 25 years of ground-breaking research.

Two antagonists, eyeball to eyeball - a clever plot to use "evolution" to destroy Western society - and the scientific bombshell that is set to devastate evolution. The coming depression - practical survival strategies.