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Eric Harvison - Joint creator of our Corner Studio Clive Preece - He whom I would waken for his working shift! Anyone who did Trade Training (already Typists) at Hereford about that same time. Love to hear from you WRAF I'm looking for ex WRAFs who joined in September 1967 and were in E flight Salmon block numbers beginning 2847. It's our 50th anniversary and I've only found 1 from our flight. Sylvia James Gilmour I'm looking for my uncle James Gilmour who was an aircraftman stationed at RAF Waddington after November 1945. Any information about him would be gratefully received, Kind regards Karen Powell Roger Paulo I am looking for a man called Roger Paulo. He was a friend of my mothers whose name was Linda Stone.

I believe he was stationed at Honington in Suffolk.Kind regards Rebecca Ashworth 07791027856 [email protected] Mc Neil Hello I am looking for a USAF airman stationed at Brize Norton airbase 1962/63 His name is Michael Mc Neil.He might have also been stationed at Upper Heyford airbase during the same time.Each edition focuses on a particular moment in the cold war, as recounted by three people who were there.The episode I am focusing on is for is the early 1980s when the Cold War hotted up again after a long period of relative calm.RAF Leeming football team 1950-52 I'm looking for anyone who was at RAF Leeming in their football team I was there from 1950-1952 I would love to make contact with anyone from those times as I have happy memories from those days.

My contact number is 01904 470038 Many thanks Eric Taylor.

Best regards, Tracy Quinnell 23 Dempster Place, Leneva Vic 3691 Mobile 0417 661 692 [email protected] Anderson My father (Nigel Ashworth/Ashpole) flew Tornado with Nav Bobby Anderson 1983-1986, and hasn't been in contact for years, but always recalls stories of their antics.

It's reaching Dad's 60th and with a big party in the works I would love to be able to surprise him with contact from his old buddy.

Marilyn Spaetnh nee Wall Trying to locate any references (esp.

photos) to/of my late brother in law C W Curtis at one time a Flying Officer and instructor with the RAF (Vampires), then test pilot with Ferranti, Edinburgh, 1959-64 (Meteor and Buccaneer) flying from West Freugh, SW Scotland. I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me.

Ian Burrell Hi I'm looking for my first love, Charles Feringer who was at Mildenhall in the 1970s. I wonder is anyone out there recognises themselves or relatives. Any information about him or his son Ian Phillip Howard. Kind Regards, Marian Smith I am looking to contact my father Clifford Moss or anyone who may have known him. At the time His family came from Lancashire- possibly the Preston area. Many thanks Maggie Pettit I am trying to contact Barry Paxton who was a RAF Technician in Malaysia, Singapore, or Hong Kong in the mid 1960's .