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who what where when, thanx for making yourselves such easy targets. at AM Labels: cops, corrupt, OPI Monday, November 12, 2007 Two down. This gave officials the right under the Confiscation Act to forfeit and sell a Noosa unit, Bulleen house and Ferrari roadster owned by the underworld drug trafficker.

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A good read and a few laughs, and to retain the feel, I have posted the comments as written, as are the links to the stories. At an earlier Supreme Court hearing, Ms Mokbel was labelled a liar who had played the role of “dumb wife” and deliberately kept assets secret from police. ) ‘THE FAMILY’ is-not made of steel whatever they tell-you! Well, perhaps this is what happens when you play with matches. (Why did Bracks Twaites & Beauty really take a runner & why is ‘HOWARD’ scared & regretting his official-dinner with ‘ERIC’ the dead? PM Thursday, November 01, 2007 …because to date it was all about cakes and puppy dogs The life of former wife of Melbourne gangland multi-murderer Carl Williams seems to be turning to misery.This page is a tribute to an excellent blog that was written at the peak of the Melbourne Gangland Wars around 2004 to 2009. hey your loyal readers are still out here waiting you know … Come on MU Blogger – the Paul Dale case deserves your attention! Kamel Khoder, 30, of Coburg, was charged with four counts of obtaining financial advantage by deception and one of making a false document after a 10-month Purana taskforce investigation into an alleged money-laundering ring with links to Mr Mokbel.Unfortunately since that time the “Unknown Author” of the blog has ceased contributing since that time. Mr Khoder is due to appear again in court in March. - imagine: GK: “Well congratulations on the way you left the force, showed a lot of character to wait until you were seconds from being evicted. You will soon be on your way to jail and your pension will be spent on Simon Overland’s education! He was sentenced in his absence to a minimum of nine years’ jail.

On another note: As hilarious as this is, why don’t the reality TV boffins start a show and get the recently sacked/departed Gretel Killeen to host it? everywhere I’ve looked either no-one has had a clue on what’s behind the whole-deal (Bracks & Beauty having a sort-of ‘OFFICIAL STATE DINNER’ with ‘Eric’ the American ‘Shlomo’ & then jumping & also ‘HOWARD & LESKE’ also met ‘ERIC’ in Canberra & I-know SFA! He vanished after being told he was being investigated over several murders.

I-know who-killed ‘ADELE’ & it-sure as hell wasn’t Mistra Tanner! That said, acknowledged etc, it’s still true that: Roberta was the driving force behind a lot of bad shit and it may be a cliche, but if ya plays wif matches, yaz gets burned. “I recall in July 1996, while I was a detective at the organised crime squad, a listening device affidavit being prepared over several days.

Wasn’t he\she sort-of ‘FOUND IN-THE SAME HOLE’ so to-speak as Tanner’s missus was? Mr Magazis said this child, aged eight, belonged to Williams’ eldest sister Sharon, who is dying of cancer.

How-come it’s-only international drug-bosses crime-kings & mob-lawyers that seem to have loyalty? So here’s how it goes down: Holding back tears, Williams, 38, once the wife of a wealthy and powerful crime figure, revealed she would be forced today from her husband’s former Essendon house. We all know Fat Tony has cash bursting out of ever orifice, nook and cranny. Fact is she really is in some strife, and for all her faults this has been a tough time and we are not without sympathy: Roberta Williams’ lawyer Theo Magazis told the court that she was now a sole parent to her three children – aged 15, 13 and six – and may soon have care of a foster child.

There are many examples of women like Roberta- not the whole gangster vibe, but rather the “driving force” behind a figurehead male. Roberta played the “just a suburban housewife” card more than once and played the “we’re just a normal family (yo, with gangster shit topping)” card long after it became obvious she was none of the above. Carl should be taking care of his daughter at worst- no matter how his and Roberta’s relationship is (and we’re not sure just how angsty it really is…).

No-one should try living on this earth forever because it sucks big-time the longer you try!