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Who is tamron hall dating in 2016

She simply washed her hair, rinsed clean and applied Redken's Real Control Conditioner.

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And I remember reading the cruelest, most awful thing about my hair online,” Hall recalled.She'd mentioned this time pressure before in the write-up I shared about her natural curls, while in South Africa.It's one thing to wear your natural hair to the office and have your colleagues ogling you, but it's another thing to know that millions of people are watching.As she ventured into local news broadcasting, she continued to keep it short.However, once she hit the national news circuit, Hall faced some backlash.After appearing on “Running Wild with Bear Grylls” in 2014, the MSNBC host felt too exhausted to straighten her hair to co-host Today.”“I had a flight back in the middle of the night, and I’d planned on getting my hair done straight,” she remarked.

“But it’s a process, and I just did not feel like going through that that day.

By the end of our trip I was referring to her as my personal Wikipedia, because she could spout off facts like well... Like many Black women on television, straight hair has been her professional life and look... After hearing about my hair story and experiencing for herself, the positive and supportive natural hair community, she felt inspired to finally share her curly story with the world.

She's worked in several media markets and at a few different TV networks.

had to be up by 4 am today and decided that straightening her hair before going on air was a bridge too far.

It was more important for her to study for the show than to use the time making her hair look a certain way.

I even woke up with the intention of straightening it, but I was so physically tired.”When Hall went on air showing off her natural hair texture, the images became plastered across magazines and online.“In the end, I don’t mind that attention,” she said. I know sometimes people will make a fuss about, ‘Well, why do people care about what our hair and makeup look like on TV?