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Who is john terry dating

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“That is why sponsors may be sensitive to the public image of those sportspersons whom they pay to promote their products.

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In contrast, there are different privacy law binding the US media and Tiger Woods has lost several highly-paid deals since his serial infidelities were publicised.He also worked with Swedish betting company Svenska Spel and helped promote the computer game Pro Evolution Soccer.Wayne Bridge was born in Southampton, making his debut for the south coast club 12 years ago.Mr Bridge also declined to speak as he arrived for training at in a black Porsche two-seater sportscar with the personalised license plate ending in ‘WMB’.He left at 3.25pm and later said “no comment” to reporters and photographers waiting at his luxury home in Alderley Edge, in Cheshire.He joined Chelsea in 2003 and left for Manchester City in January last year, and has made 36 appearances for England.

Mr Terry was unavailable for comment and his club also declined to speak.

He was born in Barking, East London, joined Chelsea’s youth academy at 14 and made his debut for the club in October 1998.

His first England cap came in June 2003 and he replaced David Beckham as captain in August 2006.

The case is the latest example of celebruty censorship to provoke controversy.

A sweeping privacy law - now regularly used by sports stars to shield their lifestyles from scrutiny - has been put in place by judges without the endorsement of Parliament.

He suspected that Mr Terry’s “real concern” was “the effect of publication upon the sponsorship business” and his damaged reputation.