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Who is ariane from love and hip hop dating

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In early seasons, she was working full time as a medical biller and a coder for a pharmacy, before releasing her own clothing line, Klass6.She attended Emory University and graduated from University of Phoenix in 2017.

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She is struggling to make amends with her mother, Mingnon, a recovering crack cocaine addict, who has recently come back in her life. In the second season, the two end their engagement after Erica and her mother get into a physical altercation with Momma Dee.Allegedly Erica and Ariane were attempting to hide from the fans that they were there together, but somehow, somewhere a pic of the two was uploaded on social media.I really hope Ariane knows exactly what she is getting into while dealing with Erica Mena who is a definite spitfire.Erica wears her heart on her sleeves, she gets infatuated with a man or a woman extremely quick.I get so confused when a woman is with a man, then when she is tired of the man, she gets with a woman and then back to a man.During filming of the fifth season reunion, Joseline reveals she was pregnant with Stevie's child.

In her sixth and final season, the birth of Joseline's daughter, Bonnie Bella Jordan was documented in the special Joseline's Special Delivery.

It premiered June 18, 2012 on VH1, and chronicles the lives of several people in Atlanta involved with hip hop music. Over seven seasons, 12 people have appeared in the opening credits as leading cast members.

The show features a sprawling supporting cast, with 58 people credited as "additional cast" or "featured" in the show's end credits.

Former, Love and Hip Hop New York Erica Mena and Love and Hip Hop Atlanta’s Ariane Davis are allegedly on the low low, trying to hide their relationship, if in fact the two are in a relationship.

I don’t put anything past Erica Mena, she has been with several men and a few women in her short lifetime.

The cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta From the age of sixteen, she began stripping in order to provide for her family.