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Updating java for blackberry devices

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If you do not delete this directory after installing, then anytime you launch an package, this Adobe AIR Installer is launched.Checking that the AIR Runtime is now present, it goes on with the standard AIR App installation that is done by the AIR Runtime.

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For those that merely want our recommended best practice to embed Flash Player in your HTML code, the answer is simply use Swf Object 2.3.Documentation can be found in the README on Git Hub and on the Google Code pages.If you use Swf Object 2.3, you can have high confidence that your content will load appropriately with all modern browsers.Thus, it will not be launched by Mac OS X when launches.Instead, the 32-bit Adobe AIR Application Installer will be launched.By Eric Simenel This tech note addresses the problems that you may face when attempting to downgrade from AIR version 20 to an older AIR version.

Prior to AIR version 20, AIR was provided as a 32-bit Runtime dynamic Library for Mac OS X.

However, with the release of AIR 20, only a 64-bit Runtime dynamic Library is provided on Mac OS X. Certain users who are running apps that require 32-bit ANEs may want to downgrade to a lower AIR version that supports a 32-bit Runtime dynamic Library.

Prior to AIR 20, downgrading AIR to a previous version (let’s say AIR 19) is a simple process: However, these steps will not suffice when you are downgrading from AIR 20 to a previous AIR version as there are some additional steps required in this case.

Now when you uninstall AIR 20, install AIR 19, and then try to launch an package, this attempt fails because the Adobe AIR Installer that is a 64-bit binary is unable to load the AIR Runtime that is now a 32-bit binary again.

That Adobe AIR Installer (version 20) keeps its precedence over the Adobe AIR Application Installer (version 19) that is present at The solution to this issue is to simply delete the directory that contains the Side Car package and Adobe AIR Installer so that this 64-bit binary longer exists.

To meet this requirement, the additional steps or the solutions are explained below.