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Updating elementary schools

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Building the capacity to answer key policy questions into management systems, whether for property, staff, or instructional support, can lead to better data with less effort.Because the role and impact of technology in the education system are extremely pervasive and the need to know correspondingly broad, this guide deals with the integration of a wide range of electronic technologies into support of school management and instruction.

It is designed to help decision makers and technology users prepare, collect and assess information about whether and how technology is being used in their school systems.A number of references in the Handbook refer to web sites on the Internet.These references were current at the time of publication; however, the authors cannot guarantee that they will continue to work into the future.Deciding what levels and types of technology are required and/or deployed to accomplish instructional or management goals requires information and insight into the roles that technology plays in the education system.Since education groups of all kinds-from policymakers at various levels, to commercial interests, to professional associations, to education managers and planners-repeatedly ask nearly the same questions, coming to agreement on standard questions and answers can help reduce redundancy and improve comparability in the questions asked and the answers provided.The online version of the Handbook will have its references periodically updated and web sites checked.

Readers finding expired web site references are asked to look elsewhere on the same web site, to communicate with web site owners, and to communicate with the handbook authors through the Forum web site at

The strategy chosen by the authors has been to identify key questions on the use of technology in educational management and instruction, and to specify how such questions might be answered.

Throughout, the task force's intent has been to suggest, not prescribe.

Feedback and More Information Please note that this guide is also available on the Forum's web site.

Since technology and schools evolve, this document will require continual revision.

Topics include not only the availability of equipment and software, but also function: the ways of using computers and networks, and other equipment, to support all aspects of the school enterprise.