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Tree ring dating lesson plan

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The World Ocean A lesson plan from National Geographic for grades 9-12. Hands-On Lesson and Activities about Oceans Many elementary lesson plans.

H204UA unit plan for grades 6-8 including a lesson titled, Mission: Access Water Colorado River. Ocean Explorer Deep East Lesson Plans Downloadable lesson plans for grades 5-12.Click on Freshwater Habitats A lesson plan for grades 6-8 from Discovery Education.Summer Home A lesson plan in which students examine ethical and values issues as they examine the environmental impact of building a summer home on a small lake. See also Living in a Watershed for a 4th-grade lesson plan.Teaching Earth Science Links to classroom activities and lesson plans from See also Rock, Mineral, and Rock Cycle Classroom Activities and Lesson Plans. National Fossil Day Man y educational activities for a variety of subjects from the National Parks Service.Watershed Wonderland A lesson plan in pdf format on the Great Lakes Watershed.

If you are doing an integrated unit on Lake Superior, take a look at Fish and Fisheries, Minnesota's Historic Shipwrecks, Lights of Lake Superior, and the Great Lakes Information Network.

Talk about Trees Nine lesson plans about California forests. Many ideas to celebrate fall and its colors from Education World.

See also Photosynthesis Fall's Most Valuable Lesson for more ideas from Education World. See also Tree Rings as Records of the Past for a lesson plan adaptable to grades 1-8 and The Science of Tree Rings for an excellent resource.

Rainfall and the Water Table A lesson plan from ARM Climate Research Facility.

It appears to appropriate for the elementary grades.

Tree Rings: Living Records of Climate A lesson plan from the EPA.