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This is a mere theory and will not stand a thorough scientific test.

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‘You put them on and you turn with a smile to see whether your friends are looking at you,’ he said of his first skiing attempts.He wrote: ‘You have to shuffle along the level, to zigzag, or move crab fashion, up the hills, to slide down without losing your balance, and above all to turn with facility.’Although Conan Doyle played down his athletic abilities in the article, he was, in fact, quite the sportsman.He played cricket for the MCC and was a goalkeeper for Portsmouth Association Football Club. One year, while in Davos, he even laid out a golf course, made a little trickier ‘by the curious trick the cows had of chewing up the red flags’.Five things you should look for in choosing a Testing provider Choosing a Testing Partner can be complex. This guide offers insight into the qualities you must look for in choosing a Testing provider. Download Your questions answered: How to protect your data in the cloud The number of successful cyberattacks per year per company has increased by 46% over the last four years. But what really needs to be considered when exploring a solution? They took off their skis, tied them together and then sat, toboggan-style, on top of them.

It worked like a dream, as they rocketed down the hill. His skis slipped from under him and vanished in a huge snowdrift.

But the sport, as we now recognise it, was first developed in 1850 in the Telemark region of Norway, where the first light, thin, modern skis and flexible bindings attaching the foot to the ski were invented.

The pursuit only spread to the Alps in the 1890s — so Conan Doyle was one of the first to try skiing outside Scandinavia.

When Conan Doyle first took to his skis, the sport was almost unheard of in Britain.

In 1894, he wrote an article in the Strand Magazine — where his Sherlock Holmes stories appeared — laughing off the dangers of skiing, and explaining the basics to a British audience.

‘For a third of a mile, we shot along over gently dipping curves, skimming down into the valley without a motion of our feet,’ said Conan Doyle.