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Spot internet dating scammer

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Remember, real casting directors will always want a headshot, resume, acting reel, and for modeling things such as height, weight, size, etc.

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There are legit ones done that way with experienced actors and scammers are playing on that.Anyone posting things like “Extras needed to make scene look ‘real’, ‘Insert big movie name here’ pays $300 daily” is a scam.Non-Union extras earn about minimum wage and are ALWAYS cast locally.Beware of anything that asks for lingerie, topless, etc. Use your imagination on what someone will do with those.Real casting directors will want head shots, full body shot(clothed) and measurements.The scammers need the photo because the sales pitch involves a lot of flattery. You can walk out your door and find dozens in a minute! Beware of general needs such as “any ethnicity, ages 5 to 75” that’s almost EVERYONE!

The sales pitch is honed to make you feel special and chosen. Real castings have specific needs (with the exception of extras / background).

There have been many scams where ladies did those and were talked out of their clothing by people saying “I need to see what you really look like” and other lines.

Those videos then get sold in other countries and end up all over the internet for other’s enjoyment.

Many times they call you and say they have an audition for you. They try to get you excited and pump up your ego with flattery.

Real agents and casting directors do not just pick a name ‘out of a hat’ and offer a high paying acting job to someone they never met or seen perform.

The marketer just used that because it went along the lines of “verify your identity” for the fake casting call and he gets paid 30 bucks for every FREE lead he sends to the company. I was looking for an audition, NOT a shopping cart!