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Singles dating delaware

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I have a life time of stories and I am so lucky that I have had wonderful experiences in so many diverse places and in so many situations im 27. not really looking for a relationship at the moment . thats one reason why i am not rushing into something with anyone.I am an intelligent, well-educated, athletic, analytical, and funny lesbian.

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I also enjoy photography, visiting art museums, aquariums and zoos, and hiking in the mountains, yoga, bicycling, tennis, card games, board games, and chess. For fun and extra money, I used to be a part-time wedding photographer and a website designer.Looking for a fun, friendship and whatever evolves. I am not 100% positive as to where I will retire to. I try and greet each day with excitement; I am not a morning person, so what I have been doing over 20 years, is in conflict with my body clock.I looking for a person who is secure in whom they are and they are finically stable so that travel and experiences can be enjoyed at this stage in life. I believe that meeting as friends is the best way to develop a relationship. But no one around me except co-workers really know that I am not a morning person (Thank goodness) I am very independent and secure enough with myself to spend time alone I love to travel and have been to various destination such as Cuba, Italy, France, Spain( Barcelona is my second favorite city), Gibraltar (way cool ! Looking for someone to enjoy all the above and more.), Portugal, England, Belgium, (Antwerp is my favorite city in the world), Germany, Holland, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Belgium, South America etc.., the Caribbean and most of the states and am often thinking of my next adventure I am a great person, I love people and all animals, I can be an extrovert or an introvert depending on the situation. ive been hurt alot and trust is a big issue for me.I work part time and going to school to be a physiologist. I will be activating my subscription on 9/21/2017 :) I'm sweet but sarcastic, bold yet shy, adventurous as well as lazy. I'm a physical therapy student who loves my cat, being outdoors, and Lord of the Rings.

I don’t have a lot of hobbies others than Netflix and I love movies. Even though I've sky dived, hiked Machu Picchu, and explored half of Europe, I still couldn't do without the simple things like Sunday mornings, sunshine, ice cream, video games, hot showers, and my book collection.

5'11" Intelligent, Brown eyes, Brown Shoulder length Hair demure Divorced Caucasian Female Professional who enjoys life and is available for someone who is seeking and has similar qualities of honesty, can caress tenderly, has integrity, is active within the community,can dole out hugs without having to request any, hold hands and enjoys traveling and sharing new experiences.

Above all the caliber of man must be successful and comfortable with himself, not self absorbed and know what he wants and be able to articulate it.

Although I go out often to bars and social events, I find it very difficult to meet anyone of character and quality.

I would like to meet someone that I am not embarrassed to introduce to my family.

My biggest passions in life are photography, traveling, friends and family.