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After years on a hellish island he comes back as a man on a mission only to find out that what happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas.

Set around the time of 'The Six Thatchers', kicking off with an extension to the scene in the Watsons' home. Here's a series of scenarios that could have something to do with it, listed alphabetically. The many times Sherlock has sought the comfort of Molly Hooper's bed.Romance, action, angst, steam, something for everyone! Beth arrives alive and well at the ASZ, but is unable to sleep.Oliver Queen's life is irrevocably changed the day Felicity Smoak sets foot in his office. She steps outside for some fresh air and finds Daryl there on the porch of Rick's house, and they find some time to talk. - Bethyl, many years after Beth finds her way to the ASZ."Did you think that by running away, you could take away my pain, too? Her gaze remains fixed ahead, watching the fire dance and writhe.The study of signs and symbols and their use or meaning. This version takes place within the Coming to Terms sphere. Inspired by a photo on Spoilertv of our favorite Grimm and former hexenbiest looking rather cozy and flirtatious together in the next episode, despite the bomb that was dropped on us in 5.6.Just a little Nick/Adalind fluff to help get us through the long hiatus that wouldn't leave me alone as I was working on my sequel to Coming to Terms. There's a surprising lack of dearth of Nick/Adalind fanfic and the idea wouldn't leave me alone.[Olicity One Shot] It's been a month since the events in Central City and Felicity finally forces Oliver to tell her what's really bothering him. I live in Melbourne and i love to read, write and watch more tv than is healthy though i haven't had much time to do either lately. I'm not sure my bank account agrees but i'm probably looking pretty good to Amazon right now. After the confrontation with Culverton Smith, there are things Sherlock needs to say to Molly.

I'm a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and paranormal and well really anything with a decent plot as long as its not overly mushy (ugh)what am i watching now? As always, Molly has the upper hand, even on his birthday.

A sequel to my story, 'Take a ride with me', this is set directly after S4E2 (The Lying Detective), when John and Sherlock are on their way to meet Molly at a cake shop. My take on what may have passed between Molly and Sherlock during the ambulance ride to meet Culverton Smith in 'The Lying Detective' - because there was definitely more to it.

Sherlock is anxious, as it's the first time he's really seen Molly since the ambulance ride... Bit of an angsty one, but I feel there could be a more hopeful sequel in the offing! Sequel to my earlier story, 'Completely Backwards', set post series 4 (and with some spoilers for 'The Final Problem'). "I like babying all of you though," she confessed though it wasn't much of a confession because Daryl already knew that.

My Kindle is the most awesome thing since sliced bread. Image if the universe gave our little heroine another chance to change some of the choices she made in life. Or are we all doomed no matter the changes we might make?

A missing scene, set after they meet at the cake place in The Lying Detective.

He knows the only safe place for her now is in the Winchesters' bunker, but how can he face them again after what he did to Dean? Molly's got nothing left to lose and some very definite opinions about Sherlock's purple shirt. She's got a job she loves, a nice flat, her cat, and she's even begun dating again (now that she's over her infatuation with Sherlock, mostly). Rosalee promised not to tell Nick about Adalind's returning powers, but is it a good idea to hide it from him? Nadalind A short fic for Sherlolly Appreciation Week 2016 - Day Seven (Non-Canon / Head Canons - Free Choice).