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Sapphire elia and matthew james thomas dating

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Unlike her rival Claudine, she has never had any sort of formal training.

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Lola (Rana Roy) A phenomenal dancer and highly popular, Lola has no idea how good she is.Mr Jeff Nugent (Mark Benton) The students' mentor at Britannia High.He is an unconventional and witty head teacher who gains full respect from his pupils by treating them like his equals. Created by ITV in conjunction with Globe productions, Britannia High is a new musical drama series set in a fictional performing arts school.The story revolves around six bright young things, Claudine, Lauren, Danny, Lola, Jez and BB, who are all attempting, with ever-bubbling enthusiasm, to sing, dance and act their way to the top. and High School Musical, the show contains enough jazz hands and perma smiles to last a lifetime.Having struggled academically, Danny's discovery of performance allowed him to really find his true passion.

Jez (Matthew James Thomas) Excelling in both singing and song writing, Jez surpasses in both intelligence and wit.

In conjunction with Globe Productions, the television arm of Universal Music, Britannia High will be ITV’s most ambitious 360 degree, multi platform show to date.

Extra content is planned on, ITV mobile, ITV Red Button, ITV interactive and social networking site Bebo.

Supporting the troops through their musical madness is Principal Nugent played by Mark Benton (The Street, City Lights) and dance mentor Stefan, played by Adam Garcia (Coyote Ugly and Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen).

Mitch Hewer (fun-loving Danny) previously played Maxxie Oliver in Skins, and Georgina Hagen (Lauren) will be known to tweens for her role as Rebecca Chalmers in the final series of The Story of Tracy Beaker. The troop's first fictional single "The Start of Something" is a teeny pop nightmare, as though S Club Juniors have revived their pop career and come back with dental veneers and a choreographer.

Fascination Records (part of the Universal Music Group) will release an album of tracks featured in the series on November 17th.