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Roswell cast dating

He thought the concept of aliens were ridiculous and he didn’t understand why his dad was obsessed with them - until he was healed by one and became a part of the conspiracy himself.

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She was accepted to the highly competitive Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, but dropped out after only a year.Enter Nasedo, a shapeshifter primarily played by Jim Ortlieb.Nasedo was sent to Earth in the spaceship at the center of the Roswell conspiracy, along with the pods housing the alien-human hybrids.A teen drama just isn’t complete without a few meddling parents, is it?Musician and actor John Doe brought Liz’s father, Jeff Parker, to life. Parker owned The Crashdown, a local diner that named its menu items after alien-related pop culture references (like the Will Smith burger, thanks to ).didn’t open a ton of acting doors, but it did put her in a position to audition for roles in American projects.

After a series of independent movies and smaller roles, De Ravin landed the role of a lifetime as Claire in ABC’s When a show uses the story of the 1947 Roswell crash as its inspiration, the series' only aliens can’t just be teenagers.

With a career that spans four decades, William Sadler has had more opportunities than most to dig into layered characters.

Sheriff Valenti was one of the many he had the chance to play.

Over the course of the series, she mellowed, though she remained the most responsible of her friends, and fell in love with one of the lawyers who worked at her father’s firm.

in the final season as the lawyer who romanced Isabel.

Those didn’t go quite as well as the teams involved hoped, but Hanks, growing up in a showbiz-savvy household with Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks for parents, didn’t let that stop him.