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Philippines dating etiquette

The whole point of the article was never even considered by a lot of commenters as they went on to assume things and come to their own (often wrong) conclusions about what I was actually talking about.

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More often than not, we let our emotions do our reasoning for us, especially our pride, and refuse to consider how out-of-context our own assumptions may be.In the comments section alone, as I’ve mentioned in the article I wrote before this one, I have commented multiple times that I was not the one who chose the photo and that the article itself had nothing to do with the Al Dub couple in the first place.However, one can note that many commenters simply assumed that I was attacking the Al Dub couple and its supporters without even bothering to look at the comments I’ve made on the issue.However, as I’ve come to discover, there are a lot of you who want to wake up.There are so many of you who’d rather sleep and play than accept the grim reality that terrible things are afoot and that, unless we do something about them, they will spell the end for us and our families.It was only when the disasters promised by God came that they realized just how wrong they really were.

Look, I’ve been here on GRP for more than six months now.

Also of note, in no point in the article did I imply that I was excluded or exempt from the five negative traits I mentioned and I even actually admitted to it in my next article.

At the end of the day, people just resorted to taking my words out of context and using personal attacks simply because they altogether failed to grasp the actual gist of my articles.

Not only do you refuse to listen to them, you ridicule them even.

As one commenter, Mr Zaxxun I believe, cited in one of my previous articles, people in the Bible often hated prophets for calling them out on their stupidity and wrongdoings.

So, are you ready for round 3 people of the Philippines? Well then, get ready because this is going to hurt even more…