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Patti stanger gay dating advice

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But the secret is that relationships require work, which is ultimately why many men and women in relationships seek effective advice -- or, in some cases, breakup advice.Relationships problems aren't just about power struggles, arguments and conflicts, but may include deeper problems such as depression, anxiety, alcohol abuse or some other problem.

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If you are seeking free relationship advice, there are countless resources on love and tips available at the library and on the Internet. By Craig Sanchez Are you encountering relationship problems or starting a new relationship?You're not alone -- and we ALL need relationship advice at some point in our lives, whether with a girlfriend, boyfriend, spouse or lover.Now, I also figured that instead of giving you some useless sample... Thousands of "how to" articles are just a click away ("How to keep your man happy, even when he doesn't give a damn"; "How to recharge your libido and make love for a week straight"; "How to find your soulmate without even looking"). Approach the advice with a healthy dose of skepticism It's important not to view any piece of advice as gospel.Much of the relationship advice floating around in cyberspace is based mostly on someone else's opinion rather than research-based findings.You're selective: you seek out what might look nice on you and then you try on different items to see how they fit and to test how comfortable you feel wearing the new clothing.

If it doesn't fit, you move onto the next piece of clothing.

And each person's opinion is colored by his/her own particular personality quirks: the advice of a person who suffered through the pains of divorce as a child may have strong anti-divorce leanings; the person with a high libido may tout the wonders of sex as the ultimate way for couples to deepen intimacy; the person who was repeatedly hurt in relationships may highlight extreme caution before making a serious commitment; and so on.

Keep a "Shop around" Mindset When you go clothes shopping, you probably don't buy the first outfit you see.

You don't want to exacerbate your relationship struggles by following advice that isn't a good fit for your particular needs.3.

Consider the source of the advice Timmy and Cindy have been dating through their whole sophomore year of high school and they're head over heels in love-Timmy is convinced he's discovered the "secret" of true love and is ready to share his relationship wisdom with the world.

Jealousy or sexual issues also may be contributing factors leading you to seek advice on love.