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Some tore it up because Francis encouraged dancing and jokes!

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When it is gone, they express their feelings in letters, and can't pass by a tree without carving the name of their beloved in its bark.He had proven with his own life that people could grow in holiness while involved in a very active occupation.He also recognized that Christian marriage and family life is itself a call to holiness.His most famous book, INTRODUCTION TO THE DEVOUT LIFE, was written for ordinary lay people in 1608, not just the clergy and religious.Written originally as letters, it became an instant success all over Europe -- though some clergy rejected the notion that lay men and women could achieve holiness in the experience of their daily life.Jane wanted him to take over her spiritual direction, but, not surprisingly, Francis wanted to wait. I had to be sure that everything in this should be done as though his hand had done it." Jane was on a path to mystical union with God and, in directing her, Francis was compelled to follow her and become a mystic himself.

Years after working with Jane, he made up his mind to form a new religious community. Francis was overworked and often ill because of his constant load of preaching, visiting, and instruction -- even catechizing a deaf man so he could take first Communion.

Francis laid the groundwork for the teaching of the Second Vatican Council on what is now called the ? It reaffirms the teaching of Jesus and the early Church that every Baptized Christian is called to sanctity, no matter what their career or state in life.

In every career and state in life, Christians can become more and more like Jesus Christ. Francis gave spiritual direction to lay people who were living real lives in the real world.

He only set foot in the city of Geneva twice -- once when the Pope sent him to try to convert Calvin's successor, Beza, and another when he traveled through it.

In 1604, Francis took one of the most important steps in his life -- the step toward extraordinary holiness and mystical union with God.

Thus, to those who love God can never stop thinking about him, longing for him, aspiring to him, and speaking about him.