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My husband has a video of a women from webcam24

My husband has a video of a women from webcam24-59

I had known for a long time that my husband was different, and I had fallen in love with him because of who he was.

add Size([1050,200], 970,250],[728,90],[970,90],[970,400). build(); var leaderboard_mobile_mapping = Mapping(). It was evident that many other people had lost so much, when they themselves had finally made the decision to tell their partner – they lost their family, home, friends and job.I still had one more thing to do before I could make any kind of decision about any kind of future. Sometimes when you have difficult decisions to make, you have to satisfy your highest values and let the others go.I had accepted and learned to live with this, the kids never knew and life was great. Those six words – “I want to become a woman” – hit me like an out of control freight train. It was like a mountain had crashed down in front of me and cast a shadow over what was seconds ago, an idyllic life on an island.I felt my legs go weak and I wasn’t sure they could support me. The process I went through from that moment on, became my strength.I had no idea how night would follow day, but I knew my kids relied on me, and my husband relied on me – to be strong. I was confused and I was scared too and I knew that I had to work through this, to work out what this all meant and what future, if any, remained.

He stood there, pale, scared of losing his entire family and his entire existence – scared that I might run, run away from what I faced and take the children with me. The first thing that kicks in, is your emotional thinking.

Essentially my husband was a cross-dresser, who would, on occasion, secretly wear women’s clothing – but he loved being a man, loved being a Dad and he was successful.

From the time I had known about the cross-dressing, I had read countless books, connected with people worldwide, joined support groups and I was relieved to find out that cross-dressers are just that. They just sometimes need to connect with a feminine side that is stronger than most.

I knew I had to know more, to work out why this had happened when I was convinced it never should. I also knew that in order to get the answers I was so desperately seeking, I need to talk to others in the transgendered community – I had to talk to transsexuals.

I had to go outside my comfort zone in order to open my mind to all the information it required and I had to be prepared for answers I did not like.

You can imagine my emotions – confusion, bitterness, anger, resentment, sadness.