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Msacces update queries not updating

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This immediately brings up the message window, letting you know about the changes that are going to be made.If you click on the Show Help button you will reveal the following text. Unlike most queries that display data in Datasheet view, an update query updates one or more fields in a specific table in a single operation.

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When you run the form you can change the values in the various columns except the primary key field. You will be able to type the change in the text box; after you have made your edits, you just need to move to another record (movement can be forward or backward).Microsoft Access offers a variety of options for making updates to records.Updating the data from a query in MS Access (MDB) may not always be possible.Often to satisfy business requirements there arises a need to change some value or values in a table or tables.Sometimes it may be to make a change to a large number of records, and sometimes the change will only be applied to individual records — updating a person’s last name or phone number, for example.I ran the query and I just happened to double check the results. I then opened the update query again and checked the datasheet view to find that the update query now recognizes those two records need to be updated.

I have a macro and have added the update query twice, but I really would like to understand the root cause.

Test Product Qry The above query was run which created the Test Products table.

After the table was created a primary key was added so that a form and data access page based update can be described. If you right click the little black rectangle at the top left corner, you can access the form’s properties as shown.

The Table row shows the name of the table that contains the field.

To see how the values will be changed, look at the expression in the Update To row.

If your intention is to perform a bulk update operation, click Yes. To find out more about what this query does, click No to close this message, then open the query in Design view (in the Database window, select the query, and click Design).