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more on getting a license Renew your driver license | Update your driver license or ID card | Renew your driver license while out of state | … more on CDL Get your WA identification card | Renew your ID card | Replace a lost ID card | …Each call is tracked from beginning to end, allowing the operators of the B2BUA to offer value-added features to the call.To SIP clients, the B2BUA acts as a User Agent server on one side and as a User Agent client on the other (back-to-back) side.Unlike a SIP proxy server, which only maintains transaction state, the B2BUA maintains complete call state and participates in all call requests.For this reason it can perform number of functions that are not possible to implement using SIP proxy, such as for example accurate call accounting, pre-paid rating and billing, fail over call routing etc.Often, B2BUAs also terminate and bridge the media streams to have full control over the whole session.

A Signaling gateway, part of a Session Border Controller, or Asterisk PBX are good examples of a B2BUA. The B2BUA is a SIP call controlling component.

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more on driving record Learn how to reinstate your license | DUI | Restricted driver licenses | Hearings | …

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