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Is rob pattinson dating camilla belle

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The Twilight actor insists that he and Camilla are only friends. That's the extent of it," Contactmusic quoted him as telling GQ magazine.

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August 15, 2009 is chronicled by Robsten historians everywhere as perhaps the most important moment in the history of everything. The cast and crew were back in town to start filming., robert pattinson handsome sexy photo, Robert Pattinson secretly dating Camilla Belle!, robert pattinson sexy eyes and lips photo You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.Just go up to someone, you know, and say I love you or ask them to marry you. Surprisingly, pretending to propose to Kristen Stewart wasn't enough to get her to break-up with her then boyfriend of three years, Michael Angarano (forever remembered as the star of the greatest superhero film of all time, ). Prior to getting together with Kristen, it was strongly rumored that Robert and actress Nikki Reed had a thing going.Most famously, Nikki played Cullen Clan member Rosalie in the series.amidst rumors they were dating, it was all well and good they left everyone else hanging, but there was no way they were going to lie to Oprah's face and live to tell the tale.

Prior to taping, Oprah gave them a head's up she had to "go there" and they could play coy as much as they liked as long as they told her what was really up behind-the-scenes.

So they jumped on Hardwicke's own bed and acted out the "Meadow Scene" from the first movie (you know, the one where Bella and Edward have an epic staring contest amidst a poorly manicured field and you can literally see the two actors trying to figure out what the heck they just got themselves into). Edward Cullen is a godlike male specimen of the highest romantic order who likes to bite and has diamonds for skin.

Apparently Pattinson nailed it, because afterwards Stewart insisted the part go to him. He's basically everything most women could ever want in an incredibly pale man.

Anyone else out there think it’s just not right that Camilla gets Rob AND Joe?

She was spotted happily having lunch with "Twilight" hottie Rob Pattinson at 3 Square Cafe Bakery in Venice, Calif., on Sunday. Naturally, this star-sighting is sparking (more) rumors that the two are dating.

So extraordinary were they that no amount of Taylor Lautner taking his shirt off could ever steal the show away from them.