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Intimidating powderpuff nicknames

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Yue Fei: lived in 12th century China who fought bravely for the Southern Song Dynasty.He is considered an icon of patriotism and loyalty in Chinese culture. Lawless, openly defiant to authority but good at heart.

Apart from being brave and powerful she was also beautiful. Durga: “the invincible” is the supreme goddess of Hinduism.Gwenllian fetch Gruffy: She was the consort of a Princes in Wales who put together an army to battle. Joan of Arc (Jeanne d'Arc in French): Claimed that god told her to recover her homeland from English domination late in the Hundred Years' War.She was defeated but inspired others to revolt with a battle cry of “Revenge for Gwenllian! The church declared her a heretic woman and she was executed. Ishtar: Goddess of fertility, love and war in the mesopotamian mythology.It has over 700 names already and it keeps growing as you share your GSD name with us! For humans it must be cute and clever, unique and memorable.For the dog, it has to be distinct, short and sharp if possible, something your German Shepherd puppy can clearly distinguish among the flurry of words that often come out of our mouths.The story said she was created as a warrior goddess to fight a demon.

William Wallace: He was a Scottish landowner who defied and fought against the English nobles. Spartan: These were trained warriors from age 7 and lived to die in battle.

He is best known as the tactician and strategist that could have conquered Rome.

In a famous battle, he drove elephants across the Alps to surprise a Roman Outpost.

Attila the Hun: Ruthless warrior of the 5th century, he fought against the Romans, completely destroyed several cities and towns and may have had a hand in the fall of the Roman Empire.

Hannibal Barca: He was a Carthaginian warrior fighting against the Romans.

Because these are titles, they are suitable both for male and female dogs.