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How much i love WOODACHI CHOI-YOUNG, I LOVE YOU, Lee Min-Ho.

i know that you've been here in our country for 5th times..I remember when I first watched "Boys Over Flowers" a few years ago.Know that you aren't only a star in Korea, but the whole world loves you.(1.5) Actually, we did so in the hopes of curing our own insecurities about theism but there's no chance in hell we'll ever admit that.(2) A couple of hundred years later, lots of Romans were Christians, and the emperor was a Christian too!ARGUMENT FROM LOTS OF BOOKS (1) The Bible has lots of books written by lots of authors over a long period of time.Funny that I even imagine Min-Ho's song, My Everything, as actually inspired by the TV drama and is dedicated to Hye-Sun.

They can even broadcast it simultaneously all over the world.

I like a lot the simple way that values and ideals are presented through your movies as well as the way that they captured the audience and focused on the highlights.

ARGUMENT FROM SUBJECTIVITY (1) Everything is subjective.(3) The plane crashed into a field, killing all aboard.

♥ ♥ I love him so much he is my favorite actor i watched all of his films and i liked boys befor flowers so much it was perfect ♥ .......~~~~ This guy make me crazy haha !

really i fell in his love ♥ i love him so much and i hope to see him in real ~~~ I 'm trying to learn Korean now because of him and i wish if i can visit korea :) Really i love him so much ♥ ♥ ♥ ~~~ I've always loved South Korean movies,but I so so so so much love FAITH.

Manila is a far place to ours.also went to Boracay but I don't have enough money to go there.7 to 8 hours travel from our place.....huhuhuh..see you soon..still waiting for your next movie.....!!!!!!