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Exchange 2016 public folder calendar not updating

You can select different folders that you want to synchronize.

In order for users to access their Outlook favorite public folders, they must also add them to their Favorites in Outlook on the web.You can install different synchronization profiles only for contacts or for calendars.You can use Public Sync Tool as Backup system to save all your items in a second PST file.These items are available for all memebers in your network.No different contacts anymore, no appointment that no other knew or unanswered emails.The Public Sync Tool synchronizes PST files, Exchange mailboxes and public folders with a PST file. For every user you can select distinct rights on every folders or you can hide complete Outlook Profiles.

You can create contacts, dates, tasks or reply to central incoming emails.

You can access public folders from email clients on both Windows and Mac.

Following are instructions for accessing public folders through Outlook and Entourage.

Public Share Folder is not a synchronization tool, it is a Store Provider like an Exchange Server., but without needing a special server system.

It is easy to install and to set up the configuration.

Public Share Folder saves all data "just in time" using a central stored PST file. My mobile phone can synchronize with my Outlook, my handheld PC can do this, why not one PC with another PC?