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Dirty chat im

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Its just that the weed guard is a little too stout on these for me. Caught 15 today in 3 hours on the bluegill 1/2 oz with a green pumpkin/chartreuse swimming caffeine shad.

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A large lead barb trailer keeper will secure any soft plastic. Overall a great fish catching jig that could use a few improvements. Swims straight with just the right flex in the weed guard. From: Comments: I have had no problems with these swim jigs, paint does not chip, great skirt colors, sharp hook, and good weed guard.Overall, I give this jig a 10 out of 10 and will continue to purchase them in the future.From: Justin: Comments: It's a great thing that you carry this line of jigs because they are by far the best I have ever used.The paint and skirt detail in umatched in the industry.All the jigs in the Dirty Jigs line have helped me catch more and bigger fish.From: Comments: A 3.5 lb smallie nailed my gizzard shad imposter. They are all hand made and please name another brand with such a variety of colors. I usually have problems with other jigs skirts' coming off but this one I have had no problems with it.

Throw any kind of paddling or twirling trailer in a similar color on the back, cast, and hang on. Weedguard is nice I trimmed mine a little but it's really personally preference.

From: Comments: These are great jigs and I do love the color selection, but do not leave out North Star Custom Baits in the discussion for best swim jig/color selection on the market. Tipped with a SK rage grub, this jig is unstoppable! Matched up with the right trailer and you will definitely catch you plenty of largies!

Both are great companies that offer great handcrafted products. From: Comments: These are by far the best swim jigs, and I dare say all around jigs and skirts available. From: Comments: Good jig haven't caught anything with it because i think im using the wrong color I think but from what I can see the skirt is like running your fingers through silk its really soft, but its also durable.

already have 5 in assorted color, especially black and blue(my personal favorite. From: Comments: no contest the best detail in skirts and paint on the heads, the shad imitators are all spot on. i tie my own and mimic these colors because their amazing From: Comments: These use to be my favorite jigs till I found out the only ones that they hand tie seem to be Alabama Craw and Bream.

Seriously, if I am paying close to $4 a jig I want them to be hand tied.

The color schemes and detail of the skirts are unmatched by any other swim jig I have come across - and I've used close to all of them.