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It is not genetically modified and has not been altered like some of the cultivated paddy wild rice that is available in grocery stores across the country. It is an aquatic cereal grain that grows wild in isolated lakes and river bed areas located primarily within the continent of North America. California "wild rice" is a hybrid; your rice is truly natural (non-hybrid). We thank God for you and your rice and pray for the continued success of your company. I'm looking forward to trying out the recipes I found on your website!

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Family owned and operated since 1973, we sell hand picked and wood parched premium rice that is grown in the wild of Minnesota and Canada. ve lived in California for 67 years and could never find real wild rice. t until we were visiting my sister-in-law and brother-in-law, in Chaska,(a few years ago) that I discovered your product. Look forward to eating more and will be ordering more soon. I am glad you send this out because I jump on line and place an order every year. Thank you again and please DO NOT take me off that mailing list! I served the rice with braised chicken, mushroom gravy, green beans, salad and roll. I was feeding some of the most picky people ever, the matriarchs of our church conference and they loved the meal. Neither of these rices taste near as good as the true wild rice from MLWR. d ordered 5 lbs of your rice and made a batch last night for supper. Moose Lake Wild Rice is the only company that I know of that has true wild rice. Wild rice is beneficial to one's health and it's delicious to boot! White rice has no health benefits at all, and that supposed brown rice that you see in health food stores is also a cultivar and not true wild rice. We just talked to you and placed the order yesterday, received it today, and already have a pot of it cooking for supper.

I'll send people your way for mail order when they ask where they can get more. Your help is greatly appreciated - and so is the wild rice!

I fix it like my mother did when we were still in Hibbing. At some point she must have figured that she might be missing something (she definitely was), and finally tried it. Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing such a wonderful product! I made some last night and my 84 year old Dad was a happy camper to have such a treat. It arrived just great and I have been making my wild rice dish for all in Tennessee. When I recover, I will be back to cooking again in the fall. First, the color is lighter than the wild rice we've eaten over the years.

ve served the rice to many guests and they all have loved it! s grandmother once turned her nose up and refused to even taste it. Thanks for the rice , I have been buying cultivated rice here in Ohio and it's just not the same as real wild rice. I grew up in eating rice from my grandfathers farm in Jacobson S. Just wanted to say Thanks for the order of Wild Rice. I will be off line for a while, having surgery in Nashville. So be sure to help MLWR stay in business by getting their delicious true wild rice. I received the rice today and prepared it for dinner.

I'm no expert on wild rice, but, I love your rice and the things I can put in it. I am 73 year old and have lost 35# since 1/1/14 using your wild rive as a nutritional base. Thanks for your continued excellent product and service. If it is cultivated, it is a cultivar and thus not true wild rice. Wow, so we're eating "Real" wild rice now and it is fantastic.

Also you might have heard of cultivated wild rice, but that is not true wild rice.

In addition to its role as an important food staple for ancestral peoples, it has provided a unique habitat for fish and waterfowl for thousands of years. Thank you for your quick processing of my order, quick shipment, and for keeping me so well-informed. Well, in our minds, YOUR RICE IS MORE OF A TRUE NECESSITY IN LIFE THAN MOST THINGS PEOPLE CONSIDER TO BE SO!