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Dating sites in thames valley

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And lastly, the site found that German car makes constitute the top three preferred vehicles for the extra-nuptially curious.This represented 1211 people having an affair, versus 1212 last year. Then again, Bracknell has been transfixed by one of the industry’s biggest divorces over the last year – the one between major local employer(s? We'll be watching closely to see if the depravity index creeps back up once the dust has settled.Meanwhile, Newbury, home of Vodafone, clocked up 854 affairees, versus 833 people the year before.Why not try our skydiving events, drive a Ferrari or challenge rugged terrain in a 4x4 with our driving experience days?Have a succulent meal on one of our dinner shuffles or meet friends on a pub night for a drink on one of our many social events?Things have also become subdued in nearby Reading - home of the mysterious Winnersh triangle amongst other things - where the number of people having affairs dropped from 1774 last year to 1719.

Straying along the M4, Bracknell came in at 12 place, with 1.57 per cent of the population enjoying relations with someone other than their partner.

So there you have it: if you spot your partner’s Audi 15 miles away from their office at 2pm when they’re supposed to be putting the final touches to a cloud migration strategy, you have every right to be suspicious.

Though you should probably nail down your own cover story before you confront them.

Interestingly, a GMB survey apparently ranked it the fourth dirtiest town in the South East, though we suspect this is because of the proximity of the M40.

Second on the list was Guildford, which is one of the computer gaming centres of the UK, hosts offices for a number of tech companies, has a thriving space industry, and is where many City of London techies go to sleep.

Apparently, the most adulterous town in the UK is High Wycombe, with an estimated 2.12 per cent of the town population playing away from home.