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Dating in rural areas

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The lab also has a strong collaborative network with top university research groups across the globe. Tarun Kanti Bhattacharya [email protected] Centre for Railway Research (CRR) is a collaborative venture between IIT Kharagpur and the Indian Railways to develop a long-term framework for research aimed at driving significant advancements in the field of Railway Technology and productive utilisation of the rail infrastructure.

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At present, a number of sponsored projects are being conducted through the AVLSI lab, which is funded by government agencies and private industries.The research group can be broadly categorized into following five verticals: (i) Drinking water purification technologies, (ii) Low cost Industrial Waste Water Technologies, (iii) Affordable Health Care Device Development Technologies, (iv) Fruit juice processing technologies and (v) Mathematical and Computational Modelling of Transport Processes.The membrane lab research activities involve casting of flat sheet and spinning of hollow fiber membranes of various grades ranging from nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, to microfiltration including dialysis.For more on the Centre and its operations, The Central Research Facility is an integrated facility for all students at IIT Kharagpur to carry out their research activities centrally under one umbrella.This facility has two broad Divisions: Materials Science Division and Life Science Division.Founded in the year 2000 with the active support of the IIT Foundation and several companies, the Advanced VLSI Design Laboratory is a state-of-the-art centre for advanced research in VLSI Design, Test and CAD.

The lab has established industry standard design and verification flows.

Currently more than 60 Ph D students and full time MS students work under the ambit of the lab.

Each year about 70-80 papers are published in areas related to VLSI design and CAD by the students and faculty associated with the activities of the Lab.

The facility has created national and international visibility through his high quality international publications (225), patents (15), books (7), book chapters (10) and technology transfers (2). Shirshendu De [email protected] Microfluidics research group is dedicated to investigating the underlying physics of micro/nano-scale transport processes.

Microfluidics has been the gateway to exploring new and fascinating interfacial phenomena, stemming from the high surface-to-volume ratio of the involved systems.

IIT Kharagpur is widely acclaimed for the quality and breadth of its research enterprise, and particularly for its openness to multidisciplinary research.