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Dating fender speaker cabinets

That's why we have started this Job Jokes Blog.

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" The graduate with an Engineering degree asks, "How does that work?He called them into his shop and said, "I have a surprise for you. " A man writing at the post office desk was approached by an older fellow with a post card in his hand.I am sending you off to a fabulous resort at my expense, and I won't take no for an answer." He took them inside and asked his secretary to write two flight tickets and book a room in a five star hotel. The old man said, "Sir, I'm sorry to bother you but could you address this post card for me?They, as can be expected, gladly accepted, and were on their way. "The flight was exciting and the room was lovely," she said. My arthritis is acting up and I can't even hold a pen." "Certainly, sir," said the younger man.About a month later the little lady came in to his shop. He wrote out the address and also agreed to write a short message and sign the card for the man." The graduate with an Accounting degree asks, "How much will that cost?

" The graduate with a Liberal Arts degree asks, "Do you want fries with that?

" A travel agent looked up from his desk to see an older lady and an older gentleman peering in the shop window at the posters showing the glamorous destinations around the world.

The agent had had a good week and the dejected couple looking in the window gave him a feeling of generosity.

" "Well, I suppose," she replied, "I'm still cooking it." A tourist on a diving charter off the coast of Florida asks the blond dive master: "Why do scuba divers always fall backwards off their boats? If they fell forward, they'd still be in the boat." "I'm sorry," said the clerk in flower shop, "we don't have potted geraniums. " Replied the customer sadly, "No, it was geraniums my wife told me to water while she was gone." A man who was unemployed for several months gets a job with Public Works painting lines down the center of rural roads.

The supervisor tells him he is on probation and that he must stay at or above the set average of 2 miles per day to remain employed.

Occasionally people will see me in uniform and ask if I'm a "real" pilot. I figured her sister must be in the airline business, so I smiled and asked why.