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Dating colleague advice

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And then there's the H word and all it can entail.

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An impressive 84% of workers aged between 18 and 29 said they would have a romantic relationship with a co-worker, compared to just 36% of Generation X workers and 29 % of Baby Boomers according to a recent poll by consultancy firm Workplace Options.Dating a co-worker is not for the faint of heart, but despite the emotional upheaval and professional risks, it's becoming the workplace norm.Research released by earlier this year suggests that 56% of workers have been involved in an office relationship at some point during their careers.Will they exclude you from certain conversations, because they don't know what you'll relay to your new love?Consciously or subconsciously, your relationship may influence decisions that go well beyond a lunchroom. Unfortunately, this is not a tale by the Brothers Grimm, so you can't count on a happy ending.

Will you be peering around corners to make sure your former love isn't in the hall and avoiding the company picnic for fear your ex will flaunt a new love interest? Before you throw your next promotion to the wind, here are five reasons dating your co-worker might not be such a good idea.

Let's say you become involved with someone in your department, and you receive a promotion. Better start popping extra vitamins and heighten your sense of discretion.

Now you're in a relationship with your subordinate. And what happens when it comes to conducting reviews and evaluating your honey? You'll need a lot of energy and concentrated effort to keep your office romance just between the two of you.

When co-workers eventually find out, you may be the subject of ridicule and suspicion: If you want people to focus on your professional abilities, don't give them reasons to fuel the rumor mill.

You may think this is a private affair, but is it really?

What’s more, 40% of Millenials wouldn't have a problem if a colleague starts dating their supervisor. Barack and Michelle Obama met at Chicago law firm Sidley and Austin in 1989 when Michelle was asked the mentor the future US president when he worked as her summer associate.'s poll found that 20% of women have dated a supervisor while only 9% of men have dated their boss.