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Dating an italian girl

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Thus Italian girls are extremely close to their families.So even as you date her, mentally prepare yourself to meet the family, sooner or later.

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So if you are keen to be in a relationship with an Italian girl forget the stereotype about the chubby Italian mama who practically lived in the kitchen; in fact you better get ready to pick up a broom or learn how to cook a meal – even if it is once in a while.Even more importantly, an Italian woman expects her man to be loyal and devoted.There might be many stereotypes about Italian men cheating on their women, but it is rare to find any Italian woman now who will be taking that sort of thing in her stride.So here are a few pointers on what Italian women are like and what they are looking for in a man.Proud of their culture Italy is a land of beauty, culture and tradition and here people are extremely proud of their history.So if you intend to make a mark on Italian women, make sure you are well turned out.

While it is great if you can afford and carry off a stylish jacket or an expensive pullover, but by no means should you forget the basics of grooming like clean teeth, well-cut nails, fresh breath, nicely brushed hair and polished shoes.

She wants a man who keeps his promises and sticks with one woman.

Expects to be treated as an equal Also remember that the days of Italian women being content as wives and mothers are over.

So read up on the various geographic regions of Italy like Lombardy, Tuscany, Veneto and so on and remember what each is famous for.

For instance don’t confuse the Chianti wine zone in Tuscany with the Barbera wine from Piedmont.

However beneath you can be assured that there beats a heart that delights in love and romance.