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Data bound textbox is not updating

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When poking through the markup below, be sure to take note of the following: checking the Use optimistic concurrency checkbox.If you checked that along with the Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements checkbox, the Update Command for the Sql Data Source would have included a more thorough WHERE clause.

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End Sub // C# public static void Update Product(int original_Product ID, string original_product Name, decimal original_unit Price, int original_units In Stock, string product Name, decimal unit Price, int units In Stock) If you use the Compare All Values approach, it is your responsibility as the DAL developer to take whatever steps are needed to determine if the underlying data has been during the user's edits and, if so, how to resolve the issue.Figure 41 shows the screen after an Edit button has been clicked; note that the clicked Edit button gives way to Update and Cancel buttons, while the columns in the editable row are rendered as Text Boxes.Figure 40 Figure 41 In Figure 41 notice how the Product ID column is not editable. NET page's declarative syntax below shows, you can mark a Grid View column as non-editable by settings its Read Only property to True.Additionally, the standard Text Box as an editing interface might not be acceptable; we'll also look at an example that replaces the Text Box with a databound Drop Down List.Creating an editable Grid View whose data comes from a Sql Data Source is amazingly easy.Next, we'll see how to create an editable Grid View from an Object Data Source.

As you may have guessed, when creating an editable Grid View whose data comes from an Object Data Source, the underlying data access layer class must provide an appropriate Update method.

(Recall that this dialog box is accessed through the second step of the Sql Data Source wizard, by clicking the Advanced button.) As with the delete example, checking the Generate Insert, Update, and Delete Statements will create not only an UPDATE statement, but INSERT and DELETE statements as well.

These can be safely removed if you are creating a Grid View that's limited to just editing the existing data.

The Grid View allows editing on a row-by-row basis.

An editable Grid View contains an additional column with an Edit button in each row.

If, on the other hand, Compare All Values is used, the Update method must accept both the updated and original non-primary key field values along with the original primary key field(s).