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Dan radcliffe emma watson dating

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As he was eating an owl came in carrying the most recent Daily Prophet article.Harry decided to reinvest in the newspaper because now that he owned it, he wanted to see what kind of product he was invested in.

Who may you ask is the lucky female that took our world's most eligible single male.Hunching over the page they started to read the article.Harry Potter,16, known to all of us as the Chosen One or the Boy Who Lived has picked out who he intends to marry.It is none other than, Ginevra Molly Weasley,15, sister to Harry's loyal best friend Ron Weasley,16.Ginny, as she likes to be called, is a fiery, beautiful red head who according to the source looks and acts exactly like Harry's late mom, a perfect woman for Harry. Also coming out of the Potter camp was that Ginny Weasley is pregnant with Harry Potter's child.I would like to go there soon, however I would like to stop by Gringotts first and talk to Ragnok about a test to prove that I am not the father of Ginny's child." Harry said as he was grabbing Hermione's hand. I am off to the Daily Prophet to talk to them about an article that was printed in today's paper. It should be an exciting day, I will see you tomorrow around " With a final bow Harry, and Hermione were gone and Ragnok inwardly smiled at the intelligence and wits this young wizard used.

A quick wave of the wand and they had retransformed into Dan Watson and Emma Radcliffe and they were back at Gringotts. Harry and Hermione walked down the street over to the Daily Prophet offices.

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A/N Thanks for the reviews on the previous chapter. I guess without further typing, I guess I can start Chapter 13 of my story.

The front page of the paper had an article that Harry spilled his drink all over.

Vanishing the spilled liquid, Harry motioned Hermione over because he was too shocked to actually talk.

Sitting at the desk was an older man a little on the bigger side. He got up and moved over to Harry and offered his hand."Nice to meet you, Mr. Ragnok had decided anything that dealt with business would be under the name Daniel Watson until further notice. Anytime Harry had to flash an ID it would be Daniel Watson only to the person reading the ID. Paynter said sitting back down behind his desk."I am here on behalf of Mr. He would like you to retract the article concerning him printed in this morning's edition." Harry said calmly but inside he was nervous. He just hoped it would work out for the day."I don't know you what you mean.