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Cost of sedating a horse

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We will then move on and remove any excessive transverse ridges on the occlusal surface of the teeth, overgrowths either at the back or front of the teeth will then be removed as will any abnormalities or malocclusions (where the teeth do not meet as they should).Finally bit seats (rounding of the first molars) will be introduced these protect the soft tissue from damage and pain caused by the bit.

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The purified alkaloid, reserpine, was isolated in 1952 and is considered the first modern drug to treat hypertension.This external examination allows your horse to become more familiar with Mark and allows him to judge how well the animal will respond to the following internal examinations and potential treatments, he will of course, liase with the owner on this point.Once the initial examination of your horse or pony has been completed we will continue with a detailed internal examination, this uses a full mouth speculum to gently and painlessly open your horses mouth, then utilising a head torch we will inspect the whole mouth and all of your horses teeth.Once we have had a detailed chat about any problems you have identified we will then perform an external examination, with you present.This involves a visual and physical examination around the horses mouth and head, taking a note of any abnormalities as well as allowing you to see or feel them too.When we arrive to treat your horse we will first speak with you, the owner, in order to ascertain from you how the horse is riding and what issues have been identified.

Please see the page on signs that a horse my need dental treatment for common problems.

It is used to sedate excitable or difficult horses that are on enforced rest.

It sometimes is used illicitly to sedate show horses, sale horses, or in other circumstances where a "quieter" horse might be desired.

Reserpine once was used in pregnant mares in an attempt to treat fescue toxicosis.

Domperidone largely has replaced reserpine for this use. Barbara Forney is a veterinary practitioner in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

Basic Daily Care will still be charged except as stated above.