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Chris everly dating blogs

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Norman-Evert could hold the title for quite some time, unless the dream couple of Britney Spears and John Daly come together as some expect.Norman, who took time enough off of his heavy schedule of stockpiling money last year to divorce his wife, is 51 and grandson of HBO’s Cryptkeepeer.

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Also, if a black person wrote about a "burst of whiteness," then we'd be called on the carpet for being racist too. I'd say that if Serena Williams got together with Jamie Foxx, that would be a nice burst of blackness! I too am putoff by Chris dumping her husband for his best friend.I WOULDN'T GIVE SO MUCH CREDIT TO TWO PEOPLE WHO DECEIVED THEIR SPOUSES AND BEST FRIEND THEY HAVE LEFT ALOT OF PEOPLE HURT THEIR SPECTACLE IN SYDNEY OVER THE HOLIDAYS WAS HURTFUL TO THEIR SPOUSES AND CHILDREN GREG IS STILL MARRIED Comment from: Judge Smails [Visitor] Email The piece is cute, but I have to wonder if Wolfie would ever consider writing about how two black people came together in a burst of blackness.I don't mind either type of piece, personally, but I do have to bring the double standard to light. Wolfie is writing about what he knows -- white people.The rumors officially became true recently, as golf legend Greg Norman and tennis legend Chris Evert have come forward and admitted that they are dating.Scientists monitoring the two have concluded that the Norman-Evert coupling makes them the two whitest humans to ever come together in a romantic relationship, topping the Roseanne-Tom Arnold whiteout of several years back.Da Shark will soon have a limp fin, and then it's bye bye Chrissy ... I wonder if they checked the statistics on second/ third progressive marraiges working. The chemicals of lust must be clouding their brains. As an avid golfer for over 40 yrs, I admired Greg Norman. Professional baseball is forever tarnished, basketball players attacking fans, football players involved with dog fighting, drugs and shootings,pro ice skaters attacking their opponents, what next... Evonne certainly seems to have the 'wood' on her old rival in the marriage stakes.....

I would love to see a photo of Evonne and Chrissie together again at some big function.....

I guess you can call adultery, broken promises, hurting children, and ruining a family a "new adventure" if your world view shares their self-absorbed narcissism, selfishness and anti-Golden-Rule amorality.

Rather than "new adventure", I respectfully suggest a more accurate and appropriate definition might be "tragic human weakness".

The moral of the story is that the richest, whitest, most shiny sports stars can do what they darn well please. Damn, I wish I could find him and thank him in person. ;o) I wonder if Chris Evert's young sons really under stand what their mother is doing.

Apparently Norman is more important than her children or she would certainly be a bit more discreet. when you have impressionable minor children, you don't go around flaunting a love affair with a married man.

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