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Belivers of buddism and iran dating

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It has increased I prominence as a result of the presidential electoral campaign which is now under way, but it also benefits from the fact that it enjoys the protection of Mohsen Rezai, who is campaigning to become Mahmud Ahmadinejad's successor as president.Rezai, who's a former commander of the Revolutionary Guards, doesn't have much hope in the election, but he's thrown his hat in the ring nevertheless, as he has done in the past.

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As Ali Sadrzadeh found out, young people seem especially susceptible to the attractions of sects or Christianity"Baztab" ("Echo") is the most widely read and quoted news portal in Iran.The sect's teachings were publicised abroad, in Armenia, Turkey or South Korea.Taheri travelled abroad and boasted of his two foreign honorary doctorates. But since Ahmadinejad was voted back into power three and a half years ago, the focus has been on the "wide-ranging struggle" against "any form of false mysticism", which is being led by the highest level of the country's political and religious authorities.He spent a week in the holy city of Ghom in October 2010, where he met with a number of Grand Ayatollahs.On the last day of his visit, he gave a keynote address to theology students in which he said, "The prevalence of licentiousness, the propagation of false mysticism, and the so-called house churches are attempts undertaken by the Zionists and other enemies to fight against Islam." As soon as he left the city, which is seen as the main centre of Shiite scholarship, one Ayatollah after another issued a fatwa against "false mysticism", declaring that the propagation of its teachings meant apostasy and sacrilege.The sect offers a mixture of a search for meaning and a system of psychotherapy.

As well as offering an explanation of the world, it also offers a therapeutic method called "Faradarmani" or "meta-therapy".

The Seminary for the Purification of the Faith at the theological university of Homs puts the number of people in the Interuniversal Mysticism sect at around 300,000.

On the websites which are leading the fight against the sect, that figure is said to be too low.

His "Baztab" portal provides an echo, as its name implies, of almost all the topics which are relevant to the current campaign.

The site reports surprisingly openly and critically on many of the problems which face Iranians in their daily life.

In spite of repression, the numbers who seek their salvation in sects or other religious minorities continues to grow.