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Airline dating pilot

Technically, that makes my imaginary lover and I in a long distance relationship— even when we technically live in the same town! What is long distance to a flight attendant and pilot is a much different concept than it is for the person who has a difficult time getting any more days besides Saturdays or Sundays away from the office.

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We are trying to live everywhere, do everything, and be available for someone to love us and be there to love them. Think how great our relationships would be is if we devoted as much attention to them as we did to our jobs? Relationships are under fire more than ever before— to be ruined and to ruin you. That’s fair, but whether I die an old-maid or not, I would rather believe in and express the story of good, kind, genuine, caring, authentic, brave, committed, and long-lasting love in the aviation industry. Isn’t it said, I know for myself that, when it matters, I’ll deal with distance. Communication keeps cutting out due to flight departure schedules and that damned wifi-connection. Never has it been so hard to make a relationship; distance or not, work. I also believe that if you have a pilot or flight attendant by your side, or in question, see what you will learn. Have you ever noticed how the connection predictably cuts out during a heated moment— when you needed to catch the most critical phrase? You get out of life what you are willing to put into it. The way we meet, date, and interact is a byproduct of dating apps, the greater percentage of jobs available which require travel, and an insatiable appetite for new places and experiences.We also desire to maintain a sense of independence and autonomy for a longer period of our lives.“Oh, he’s a pilot.” “Well, she or he doesn’t have ‘Christian,’ ‘Career-driven,’ ‘Intelligent,’ ‘Future Mom,’ ‘Incredible Dad,’ ‘Never Married,’ ‘Wealthy,’ [Fill In The Blank With Too Much Expectation] written on his or her forehead.

That’s most likely true that you won’t see any of these cues, tipping you off to an important message; like the currently popular bright neon signs that blink sharply in corner-lit bars and hipster hangouts do.

Blatantly obvious matches, or easy relationships, will not appear simply because you travel often and meet many interesting people.

It’s going to take time to really see who someone is, and if you are willing to cut someone out due to the size of the ocean between you because, When has love ever been realistic?

I would have been divorced by now if I had done this any other way. I’m on this search and have no other choice but live as fully and vibrantly as possible— even if it feels so lonely lately. This is the fight between tradition, perception, ‘supposed-tos,’ and reality.

I’m blaming God for my choices and the way that I hurt when I ‘knew better.’ ‘Knowing better’ doesn’t erase the pain of a mistake.

I always thought getting married young would happen. I’m not talking about community, friendships, and work life— I have the best of that, which I am eternally grateful to have.