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4chan dating sim

So stop begging for links, either find it yourself or kill yourself out of grief of not finding it. Leveling: You can get about 25 'friendship' points and 1 (one) 'love' point. Don't want to peek on her while she is peeing - don't need a reminder on this, don't need to play like I'm a perv or beeing 'touchy', if I'm supposed to be gent. If I were a girl and my 'bff' would be talking like this about my dad, I'd insta-kill her…The bff is the fuckin' *perv* here, she's not 'outgoing', she's a bitch. Should really start worrying about bad influence, like drug taking and drinking habits, and all the possible shit stupid young females do today… Seems to me like a fucking 'Daddy Simulator', to teach me how *horrifying* it could be to actually have a daughter in today's society. Father's Apartment Added conversation with daughter and Elena scene. I hope the next update will have better design for these characters as well as more sexual content and I await to see how hot my ex is.5102You misunderstand. I'm just commenting that the creator might have gone a little overboard with her design. All of which I think is a mistake because feature creep can kill the best of projects and this is already far from being the best.6252Ohhh please no.Dev 'didn't want to hurry', now you're crawling along. But if I wanted to kiss her, because I do like her, this *does* give a penalty - bad choice. She is a *weirdo*, but that's pretty much how females think I guess ('Is your dad hot? There must be a reason why they abort females in some countries…From a forum, future plans for this game…mrdots: [v0.0.3] will be for patrons only on the date of release. Added daughter changing clothes scene Added cuddling in bed with daughter scene The Café Added local café scene. Of course I want to bang her, it's just she's so hot that her friends look very average by comparison that I'm not that interested in banging them. He should focus on the daugther, that's why so many people give him money, the incest and after enough content he can start focusing on other characters.

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Expect downtimes of up to 5 hours while data center power feeds are upgraded.If I'm supposed to, I should be sort of a 'hero' to her for being gentleman, not a feeble sucker. Gets me to support 'pro choice' movement…The first incarnation of the 'porn scene' was way cooler and really funny. Why the heck should I leave a porn dvd inside player? If I had a porn channel aboed, daughter happens to press correct button, well alright. at least stop at something resembling a realistic anatomy, christ! That's no hentai problem especially, but you're right, it's easy to exaggerate, and if proportions are the first and foremost part of content deemed 'important' (say for a lewd game), you can get 'hi hi, titties bigger than my head, giggle' kind of characters/personalities. Exaggeration anon.5571But those you mention are older. So don’t worry, Daddy will be the daughter's first : D"8414It's been over 11k for a while, but then it started dropping a bit, so he disabled the display of how much money he's getting, probably so that he gets even more patrons.Need to 'smooth-talk' her like a stupid moron for a one night stand. Scenes: She is hopping on the bed - already said, she isn't a bright light. This would be something we all would probably do, after meeting sbody not seen for years, at a location we never went before. If you're new to the site or just assume that he's getting a bunch of 1$ pledges, it's easy to be mislead into believing that he's getting somewhere in the range of 1400-3000$. His patron count did increase afterwards.8414Back when 0.05 came out it was past 10k. Went back again and the amount he was making has been removed.You’ll assume the role of a divorced father who hasn't seen his daughter in years.Now that she's 18 years old, she contacts you and tells you that she would like to have a “father-daughter” date with you.But then, she's a female, and not the brightest light on the horizon it seems. Hilarious dialogues on how 'good' she gets at 'cooking' (or is it about me getting better at 'cucking', don't know? Mommy: She fucked it up, left me with my daughter for some unkown country (they don't know hotdogs over there *giggle*). Which usually means he's making a lot more than he ever thought he would. Now 8416Don't forget that he also promised 2 versions per month (or, at least for last month), but for whatever reason, he cancelled that.

Gave no shit about me maybe wanting to see/phone my child - don't want to excuse myself that I could just hate her, don't want to ask how that bitch is doing. I don't know how difficult it is to do what he's doing, but I can't imagine it being that hard taking stills of various poses once you have the assets required.

Maybe I-3036Changelog Added Objectives screen at the beginning of the date.

Added bathroom scene Added kitchen scene Added bed scene Added goodbye scene Fixed many typos from 0.0.1 Rewritten some parts of date 1 to create a more natural relationship with your daughter. Come back in half a year, ask again…Actually a lot of the corruption content isn't even in this version, it ends before you can do anything but kiss her whenever you want.

Some pics: HSN8Changelog for version 0.0.3 (WIP)———————Daughter's Hotel Room——————— Added daughter's hotel room scene Added daughter's taking a bath scene Added conversation with Elena Added kissing scene——————-Father's Appartment——————- Added new bathroom scene Added new kitchen scene Added dancing scene Added massage in bed scene Added cuddling on the couch scene Added "watch porn" scene———-Local Park———- Added local park scene Added lunch at the park scene Added playing frisbee with daughter scene Added photography contest scene0.03Seriously? I want you to take this gun, aim it with the barrel pressed against your head behind your right ear and pull the trigger. The only complaint I have besides the lack of sexual content is the characters designs. Guessing they didn't implement the other paths yet? Also, he seems to be expanding the game away from just 'corrupt your daughter and fuck her' if the content in this one is any indication of the game's future.

People on this board don't owe you anything, especially for barely started patreon projects that look like complete arse. At least I don't get a penalty (level points down). Nice to know that *she* is around my daughter - gives me confidence. The Nightclub Added talking with daughter at the nightclub scene. It looks like the creator went a little overboard and tried too hard in making your daughter too hot while at the same time making her friends not attractive enough. They look more like underage girls starting freshman year at high school then graduating seniors. You've now got the daughter's friend, the barista girl, and the secretary as possible future options, and the two creepy guys seem to suggest some sort of NTR route.

You're 'friendship-zoned' right from the beginning. I have to constantly excuse myself for shit happening. In context it doesn't mean I try to seduce her, just like her to be around, and that I'm fucking happy to see her again *after years*. It will be available to the public once v0.0.4 is out, and so on until v.0.0.5 (last public version). Plus seeing how hot your daughter is, imagine how hot her mothers got to be.what's up with all these 2d/3d hentai girls with tits that are bigger than their fucking heads? anyone else bothered when the tits are so large it's just silly looking/unrealistic? Oni is starting to do the same mistake with already hinting at a thrid character, while he didn't even finish the first and the second has barely any content.6298and then start milking those idiots on patreon by dropping empty promises, finding excuses for being lazy-ass, insulting them if they don't know how hard it is being creative, huss and swear while keeping some patrons as your pets - they will go miles in defense of you…6341This particular game was created using1) Ren'Py (framework) Python (programming language) for UI and game logic: buttons, decisions, stat progression2) Daz Studio for the 3D renders3) Photoshop/GIMP/Pixelmator/whatever graphics editor for the 2D UI elements.6495Resume:- Thanks all for the support of the game.- He says that the game’s popularity has grown so fast that he wasn’t prepared for all this.- So..