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101 rules for dating leykis

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According to Tom Leykis, there are several cases where women have attempted to impregnate themselves with the contents of used condoms, in an effort to extract child support payments from the man. Her area is very sensitive to chemicals and she will think twice before trying that again.

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Even if you are in the middle hot steamy sex and she says No, you stop what you're doing and get out.* No does not mean she is playing.* No does not mean just this one time.* No does not mean she consents to sex. Men do not have the same luxury as innocent until proven guilty. This isn't to say that some of them aren't very nice, have been screwed over by ex-husbands, or would be very great mates.Leykis 101 is a series of tenets created by US radio No Gifts - No gifts are ever given to booty calls and women you are dating. Here they are the 101 rules now No Coworkers- Leykis claims dating coworkers risks being sued for sexual Leykis Online View topic - LIST OF LEYKIS 101 RULES 2 posts - 2 authors - Last post: Oct 8, 2009If the girl you are dating (porking) has "male friends" it means she is Thats only a tip of the iceberg. Aug 20, 2010 Read Professor Tom Leykis 101 rules by SKRu F (MCS, Creator of the Lost You do not make plans with chicks you are dating on these days.Girls know within the first 5 minutes how far they will go with you, and will probably do so at the earliest possible time.If you've been crossed off the "I'll sleep with him" list, it's very very difficult, and time consuming to get back on it. If you're on the list, you can still screw it up by being a jackass.If the person a student is dating does not want sex by the third date, a Leykis 101 student is instructed to "dump that ****". Then at dinner, just order a salad or bowl of soup.

Leykis asserts, as a matter of convenience to his students, that if a woman doesn't have sex with them by their third date, it means she has no intention of ever doing so. What girl is going to eat more than the guy, especially if it's the first dates?

This, he asserts, financially ruins the men for many years making them unable to start a new life with another woman or enjoy the money they earn.# * Tabasco Sauce Dispose of the used condom by flushing it down the toilet. If you use the hot sauce method, and you hear her scream, take your stuff and RUN.

Since this is not always possible, men are encouraged to carry some hot sauce to pour inside the used condom. If you're the risky type, stick around and sue her for attempted extortion.

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Tom Leykis Dating Advice--LEYKIS 101 17 posts - 8 authors - Last post: Mar 26, 2007But then again the fems who put out THE RULES seem to be of the validating the mini nutritional assessment same kind of itunes for windows 95 mindset earthlink webmail sign in as Leykis 101.