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Further declines were recorded between 19, which were attributed to the timber demands imposed on the country during the World Wars and a number of exceptionally cold winters.

Today, the decline in the Red squirrel has progressed to such an extent that they now only persist in a few -- isolated -- areas of the UK including the Isle of Wight, Dorset and pockets of Wales.

The Red squirrel “stronghold” in the UK is generally cited as Northern England; English Nature estimates that somewhere in the region of 85% of England’s 161,000 Red squirrels live in Cumbria, Durham, Northumberland and North Lancashire.

As early as 1944, it was apparent that Grey squirrels had become well established and that Red squirrels were in serious decline across the country, although opinion has always been divided as to the root cause of this decline because Red squirrel populations have suffered many times throughout their history.

For example, Reds were actively hunted in the New Forest (Hampshire) during the 19th Century and, in her book , Jessica Holm states that in 1889 nearly 2,300 Reds were shot because they were considered a pest to the timber industry; between 19, the Highland Squirrel Club reputedly killed 82,000 Reds.

Historically, there have been many introductions of the Grey squirrels into mainland UK forests. Brocklehurst released a pair of Greys into Henbury Park near Macclesfield in Cheshire, when their attraction as pets waned. Brocklehurst started something of a trend and releases continued for the next 50 years.